Used Car Buying Considerations

Is a new car on your list of things to get this year? If so, if you can afford a new car, the choices are just endless! Personally, I have my eye on that sweet looking 2016 Ford Explorer, just maybe, hopefully… who knows? uded car memeWell, let’s face it, not everyone has the cash or credit to just walk into a dealership and buy a new car. So, a used car is the new “new car” for some of us, and that is fine too. Now, when you start searching for a used car, one of the biggest challenges that most people face, or the biggest question rather is: how do you find a reliable used car? True, there are some useful tools like Kelly Blue Book and Carfax and these are highly recommended tools. But, when you have to filter a jumbled mix of good cars and bad cars, finding a good used car is like playing the Minesweeper game!

How Do You Find A Reliable Used Car?

A better car buying experience has to begin with quality listings. Imagine trying to find healthy food in a regular store, compare to Whole Foods. You almost have to read every label in the regular store than you would at Whole Foods. You get the idea? The same goes for trying to find a good used car on sites that value quality listings, vs the ones that just jumble them all together. On that note, Auto Deals Hub is set up to be like the “Whole Foods” of car listings. Our goal is to help create a better car buying experience, by bringing you quality listings.

If you want a better car buying experience, here are some useful things to consider:

  • Start by finding quality listings so you have less filtering to do
  • Use tools like Kelly Blue Book and Carfax to make sure you are getting the best value
  • Look at reliable reviews, good or bad that help you get an idea of what quality to expect from the seller
  • Consider getting an extended warranty if possible, so that you are covered just in case
  • If using credit, check your credit score so that you know what to expect as far as interest rates are concerned
  • If you can, try to get your own financing options. Talk to your bank or credit union to see if they can help. This can simplify your car buying experience considerably!

The big take away from all this is, know before you go! All the stress normally associated with shopping for used cars is caused by “not knowing.” Therefore, by eliminating some of the areas of uncertainty, you begin to take charge of your car buying experience and limit the chances of finding yourself stuck with a bad car deal. This is especially true if you are looking for a used car. I hope this helps you steer clear of the lemons and help you find a reliable used car when the need arises. Happy 2016!

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